Category "Outdoor Sports"

  • Guns 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Owning Firearms

    Are you interested in firearms, but do not know where to start?  Our Guns 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Owning Firearms course will explore the major types of firearms-how to handle them and their purposes.  Taking our course will provide enough information to enable students to make a decision on which type of firearm may be right for them.  Also included in our class is a guide to how to manage your firearm; from carrying and firing, to storing your firearm.  Our class will give students an introduction on where to shoot your gun and the types of competitions you may want to parti
  • Shooter's Guide to the 1911

    The model 1911 is considered the World’s Greatest Pistol by many-shooters, collectors, and historians!  If you have a passion for the 1911, our course will cover everything from the history, both of evolution and the materials used in the pistol, to its many uses.  Our easy to follow class offers as a great guide to the 1911 and will be great for seasoned and beginner owners alike!
  • Better Bow Hunting

    Today, bowhunting ranks higher in participation than almost any other form of hunting, after whitetail gun hunting!  Our course is compiled with the very best tips and strategies, that give insights on critical gear, shooting advice, bowhunting techniques, and tons of helpful hints for in-the-field archery success.  Our Better Bow Hunting course takes a straightforward approach and highlights everything you can do to get more out of your archery products.  We include real-life situations and also give tips as to what gear can help you archery experience.